There's a better way to mow. Whether it's for your backyard or your business, a Kubota riding lawnmower delivers professional results every time. Built with legendary Kubota reliability, they're easy to operate, maneuver and maintain. Thanks to a durable frame, dependable engine and ergonomic design, you never have to sacrifice comfort to get the job done with power, precision and efficiency. Add optional implements like grass catchers and snowblowers to tackle every chore with ease.
T90 Series
Step up to the Kubota T Series and get more of everything you want in a premium lawn tractor. More comfort to keep you relaxed and refreshed. More convenience to make the job easier. More efficiency to get the job done fast. And, of course, more Kubota dependability and durability to keep your T Series doing what the T Series does best: making your lawn look great.
GR Series
Mow your lawn and mow it well with Kubota's revolutionary Glide Steer technology. Glide Steer enables the perfectionist in you to make sharp turns while cutting down on potential turf damage. The result is a flawlessly cut lawn time and again. Plus, you'll get the job done quickly with outstanding All Wheel Drive traction and a 48" or 54" cutting widths.
Z100 Series
Kubota’s residential innovation turns mowing into a power trip and manages to keep your budget trim, too. The Kommander Z100 Series maneuvers through landscapes with comfort and ease. Have it all - style, comfort and performance, matched with Kubota’s excellence in quality and durability. Engineered especially for the homeowners with exclusive, easy-to-use features.
Z400 Series
Designed for the residential user seeking high levels of comfort and convenience, and the professional user demanding superior durability and performance.
Z700 Series
Designed for the landscape professional the Z700 offers best in class performace, productivity, comfort and the durability that Kubota is know for.
ZD1000 Series
Top to bottom, front to back, and inside and out, Kubota’s new ZD Series of zero-turn mowers are engineered for quality. Built in the United States, these premium mowers incorporate the best of Kubota’s advanced technology
ZD1200 Series
Powered by a proven 24.8 HP Kubota diesel engine, the ZD1200 series delivers superior cutting performance with an all-new 60" or 72" Kubota PRO decks designed for more efficient power consumption and durability. Choose between side or rear discharge models.
ZD1500 Series
The ZD1511 takes its place at the top-of-the-line of the ZD1000 and ZD1200 Series zero-turn mowers. Along with the electronically controlled Kubota diesel engine fitted with the environmentally friendly diesel particulate filter (DPF), the Aerodynamic Cutting System (ACS) significantly enhances the cutting performance.  Further, the redesigned air suspension seat and the new HST levers contribute to pleasant, precise operation by enhancing operator comfort.
GF Series
Kubota offers two highly compact, agile and economical front-mount tractors: the GF1800 (4WD) and the GF1800E (2WD). The compact, lightweight design of these 18-horsepower diesels offers superb handling for tight turns around trees, hedges and flower beds in 2 or 4 wheel drive.
F90 Series
Whatever your mowing application, there’s a Kubota F-Series mower that can do the job with power, precision, and efficiency. The line of three revamped models includes the F3990 with the highest-ever horsepower among all Kubota front-mount mowers. And all offer powerful yet more economical and cleaner performance, greater safety, easier maintenance, superior operator comfort as well as a higher level of productivity and reliability making them the right choice to meet all your mowing needs.