R20S Tire Manipulator

The MINEMASTER® R20S Underground Tire Manipulator is designed to change industrial tires quickly and efficiently. The heavy duty, articulating frame allows for exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces. With the help of an infrared camera and monitor, the operator can easily guide the forks into position and firmly grip and manipulate tires for installation and removal. The Tire Manipulator can also be equipped with a hydraulic manifold and a 3/4 in. impact wrench to help facilitate quick installation and removal.

  • Tire Manipulator
  • + 3,000 lb capacity
  • LED Infrared Camera
  • + Operator display monitor
  • Operator Compartment
  • + Cab
  • + Canopy
  • Aux. Tool Manifold
  • + Hydraulic impact wrench with 3/4 i.n drive
  • + Hose quick attach & reel