On the job for over 35 years.

We design state-of-the-art mining vehicles based on over 35 years of experience in the industry. MINEMASTER® is built tough to stand up to the rigors of the underground environment. A wide range of vehicles and attachments are available, including underground personnel carriers, underground forklifts, and other underground utility vehicles. We also design and build custom units to meet the needs of our customers’ unique challenges.

RTV X1140

The New MINEMASTER® RTV X can be customized as a personnel carrier, utility vehicle or service truck to meet the needs of the underground environment. As an underground personnel carrier, it can be configured as a 4- or a 6-man option


  • Rear Options
  • + Hydraulic bed-lift
  • + Personnel carrier
  • + Rear work platform
  • + Built-in toolboxes
  • Optional Tools
  • + Generator
  • + Winch
  • + Air compressor
  • Operator Compartment
  • + Cab
  • + Canopy