Minemaster RTV Series

The New MINEMASTER® RTV X can be customized as a personnel carrier, utility vehicle or service truck to meet the needs of the underground environment. As an underground personnel carrier, it can be configured as a 4- or a 6-man option. As a utility vehicle, it can be equipped with a rear carrier, built-in tool boxes, rear work platform, or a rear hydraulic tilt bed. As a service vehicle, it can be equipped with a winch, generator and air compressors for servicing other equipment. The RTV is customized based on individual needs and requirements.

  • Rear Options
  • + Hydraulic bed-lift
  • + Personnel carrier
  • + Rear work platform
  • + Built-in toolboxes
  • Optional Tools
  • + Generator
  • + Winch
  • + Air compressor
  • Operator Compartment
  • + Cab
  • + Canopy